The Atlee Family Returns!! My 4x great-grandparents!!

Hello Readers!!!

Sorry for the long wait…Here is the continued stories of the Atlee family. I left off with my 3rd great grandparents Peter Okell and Martha Darling Atlee. So I am pleased to introduce you to Martha’s parents: My 4th great-grandparents John Cox Atlee and his wife, Emeline Stone Brooks (both pictured below). So, I’m going to start with John’s story first: He was the last child and third son born to Samuel John Atlee (1772-1839) and Martha Strickler (1778-1816), on March 22, 1816 in Maryland. His mother Martha Strickler was 37 and his father Samuel John Atlee was 43 years old. John’s mother Martha sadly, passed away the same year that John was born. So besides his father Samuel, John looked for advice and growing up tips from his older siblings: Sarah Ann Atlee (1807-1822), Jacob Strickler Atlee (1810-1855) and Isaac Richardson Atlee (1815-1891). Anyway, a few years later, he met and married the love of his life Emeline Stone Brooks in Adams County, Illinois on April 19, 1838, John was 22, and Emeline was 23 years old at the time. Together in their 59 years they had 4 children (2 daughters and 2 sons) here they are from oldest to youngest: Samuel John Atlee (1838-1913), Martha Darling Atlee (1840-1916)*3rd great grandmother* Margaret Lillian Atlee (1862-1942) and William Henry Atlee (1914-1944). My 4th great grandfather John Cox Atlee passed away on September 15, 1899 in Fort Madison, Iowa at the age of 83 years old.

Here is my 4th great-grandmother’s story (pictured below my 4th great grandfather) Emeline Stone Brooks: Emeline Stone Brooks was the second daughter and third child (of 5 children total) born on November 22, 1814 in Rindge, New Hampshire to Martha Patty Darling (1794-1868) age 23, and Stephen D. Brooks (1778-1853) age 39. Here are Emeline’s siblings in birth order (without her): Liberty D. Brooks (her brother, 1813-1883), Martha Brooks (1814-1886), Edith M. Brooks (1820-1875), and William Stephen Brooks (1822-1907). Look above at my 4x great-grandfather’s story for information on how these two “got hitched” as they say nowadays. After living life and raising 5 children together for almost 60 years (59 to be exact), Emeline Stone Brooks passed away first on November 2, 1897 at the age of 79 in Fort Madison, Iowa, John was 81 years old at the time of her unexpected death.


3 thoughts on “The Atlee Family Returns!! My 4x great-grandparents!!

  1. myfamilyhistory569 says:

    Wow Liz!! Are you originally from New Hampshire, or the town of Rindge?? I’m just curious because you have your ancestors traced back THAT far in your family in one town. Very cool.

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    • I lived in NH for two years as a kid, but mostly grew up in Vermont. After living most of my adult life in Virginia, I moved to NH for a new job. Imagine my surprise when I found out from my mother that her father’s ancestor was one of the founders of Hampton, NH in the 1630s. I had no idea of these deep NH roots in my family. Strange, the things we don’t know about our own families.

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